Prof. Dr. ZHOU Hong 周弘

Director of the Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Professor of European Politics and Modern History

ZHOU HongProf. HONG chairs the Chinese Association for European Studies and is an elected Member of the Academic Divisions of CASS and is serving as Deputy Director General of the Academic Division of International Studies of CASS. Prof. ZHOU has been elected as a standing member of the China Economic and Social Council, a vice president of the Chinese Association for International Relations, and serves as a special advisor to the Chinese Ministry of Personnel and Social Security. She has extensive experience in consulting and social activities.

Her research focusses on EU-China relations, European Studies, social security and global governance. She published extensively on these topics. She is also the chief editor of the Annual Development Report on Europe for over a decade.


  • Social Security System Worldwide (4 volumes, ed. 2010)
  • Chinese Public Views of the World (ed. 2009)
  • China-Europe Relations: Perceptions, Policies and Prospects (eds. 2009)
  • The EU as a Power (ed. 2008),
  • EU Governance Model (eds. 2008),
  • Donors in China (2007)
  • Whither the Welfare State (2006).