WANG Lin 王琳, Fellow at China Business News Research Institute


WANG Lin is a Fellow of CBN Research Institute, a think tank on foreign affairs, international finance and global energy. She studies China’s outward investments and follows specific cases in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Wang is also a leading correspondent on international politics and global economy. She focuses on China’s foreign policy and overseas investments.

She has interviewed more than 100 global leaders including heads of states and governments, foreign ministers, finance ministers, central bank governors, global entrepreneurs and influential scholars.

Wang wrote a series of influential stories on China’s economic diplomacy and got good feedbacks from NPC Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and China Development Bank.

She has made a series of field researches and report works in countries along the One Belt One Road and in Africa, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda, South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, India.