LIANG Xuecun


LIANG Xuecun 梁雪村

Assistant Professor, Renmin University of China


Liang received her Ph.D degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her doctoral thesis, A Tense Time: Explaining and Understanding Contemporary Chinese Nationalism, looks to domestic socioeconomic changes and systematic pressures on the international level to explain the revival of nationalism in contemporary China. During her Ph.D years, she taught a variety of undergraduate courses including Government and Politics of China, Intergovernmental Relations, Asian International Relations, and Asian Comparative Politics. After graduation, she conducted post-doctoral studies at the University of St Andrews, where she focused on nationalism and state building in late modernizers. She has then been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of War Studies at King’s College in London, before moving back to China and started teaching at Renmin University in Beijing.



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