Massimo DEANDREIS, General Manager of SRM – Economic Research Center, Intesa Sanpaolo Group


Mr. Deandreis graduated with a degree in International Economic Law from the University of Turin in 1991. He then attended a postgraduate course in International Relations and was awarded a scholarship assigned by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the Ecole Nationale d’Administration in Paris. In 2004, he earned a second degree in International and Diplomatic History. He worked as a researcher at Centro Einaudi (economic and political think tank based in Turin) and at the European Association of Regional Financial Centres in Brussels (ACRFRE), collaborating with the OECD in Paris. From 1995 to 2000, he lived in Brussels, where he served as Head of the Italian Chamber of Commerce delegation to the European Union. In 2001, he was appointed General Manager of the Piemonte Regional Chamber of Commerce in Turin, a position he held until October 2008.

Since November 2008, he has worked for Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group, where he served as Head of Cabinet of the President of the Bank; subsequently, he was appointed General Manager of SRM, the position he currently holds.

S.R.M is an Economic Research Centre – part of Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group – focused on three main fields of analysis: Italian regional economy (with a special focus on Southern Italian regions); the Mediterranean economy, with a special focus on the economic relations between Italy and the South Mediterranean Countries; and Shipping and the Maritime Economy.

Deandreis is currently a contract professor of Business Management at the Department of Economics of Turin University and has recently been appointed President of the Italian Society of Business Economists.