ZHANG Changdong

Prof. Dr. ZHANG Changdong  张长东

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies, Peking University

ZHANG ChangdongZHANG Changdong is Assistant Professor of Department of Political Science at Peking University. Before transfering to Beida in 2012, he was an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. of political science from University of Washington, Seattle (2011). He holds an M.A. degree in Political Science from Peking University (2008) and a B.A.degree of Economics from Beijing Technology & Business University (2004).

His research interests include state-society relations, institutionalism and institutional change, local governance in China, and methodology.


His co-authored paper (with Chris Heurlin), “Power and Rule by Law in Rural China: Mediation and Legal Mobilization in Land Disputes”, has been selected as a book chapter for Fu, Hualing and John Gillespie (eds), Land Dispute in East Asia, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. Besides, there are several working papers on China’s civil society, state-business relations, and local people’s congress, under review.

Dr. Zhang has translated two books including Calvert, Peter. 1990. Revolution & Counterrevolution. University of Minnesota Press. Jilin People’s Press, 2005; and Migdal, Joel. 1988. Strong Societies and Weak States. Princeton University Press. Into Chinese. Jiangsu People’s Press, 2009.