CHEN Xia 陈霞

Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Dr. Chen Xia is a research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing. She received her Ph.D in Religious Studies from Sichuan University. After graduation, she taught at Sichuan University for 10 years. Then she conducted a post-doctoral research in Chinese philosophy at CASS and moved to this research academy in 2003. During these years, she has been a visiting scholar at Harvard-Yenching Institute, at SOAS, and a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Brown University. Her specialty is Religions in China and Chinese Philosophy, concentrating on Daoism.

She is the co-chief editor of Principles in the Study of Religions. This book is used widely as a text book for students in their studies of theories and methods in Religious Studies. Her book Studies of Daoist Moral Tracts focuses on Daoist ethics and moralities from Song dynasty (960-1279) till Qing dynasty (1636-1911). In recent years, she has been paying more and more attention to ecology, and is the chief editor and contributor of Studies of Daoist Ecological Thoughts. Besides doing research, she is also involved in the translation of books from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. She is one of the translators for books like Daoism and Traditional Chinese Culture (Chinese to English), while from English to Chinese, she helped in translating Martin Luther’s Theological Thoughts, Man’s Religions and Daoism and Ecology. Her new book Introduction to Daoist Philosophy will come out in December 2017.



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