LIN Erda

LIN Erda 林而达
Professor, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Lin_139_197_80Professor Lin is a member of the Sub-Committee for Population, Resources and Environment, Tenth National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; a member of National Expert Committee for Climate Change.

Since 1988, Lin Erda has served as Deputy Director and Director-General of Agro-meteorology Institute and Agro-Environment and Sustainable Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for 15 years. He also is a Member of Executive Board of Chinese Agro-Environment and Ecology Protection Society, a Member of Scientific Board of Chinese Meteorology Society, a Member of Executive Board of Chinese Sustainable Development Society. Due to the achievements of him and his team, Prof Lin has got three national scientific and technologic progress awards.

Professor Lin Erda has Applied Meteorology degrees. Since 1983, he has been an associate Prof. and Professor in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. His current research focus is on climate change both impacts, vulnerability and GHG emission mitigation, including as a project leader of UK/China cooperation on climate change and agriculture, lead authors of National Report on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, IPCC 1-4 assessment reports, National policy reports, and relevant 8 scientific books and 82 journal publications.