LI Anshan

Prof. Dr. LI Anshan 李安山

Director of Institute of Afro-Asian Studies and Center for African Studies, School of International Studies, Peking University
Vice President, Chinese Society of African Historical Studies
Vice President, Chinese Association of African Studies

li-anshanProf. Dr. LI has obtained his PhD from Toronto University and is currently a professor at the School of International Studies at Peking University. His research focusses on Sino-African relations, African studies and the history of Chinese Overseas in Africa.


  • A History of Chinese Overseas in Africa (Beijing, 2000)
  • British Rule and Rural Protest in Southern Ghana (New York, 2002)
  • Studies on African Nationalism (Beijing, 2004)
  • Social History of Chinese Overseas in Africa: Selected Documents, 1800- 2005 (Hong Kong, 2006)
  • Ancient Kingdoms in Africa (2011)