MA Xiaolin


MA Xiaolin 马晓霖
Founder, Bo Lian She 博联社

Ma XiaolinMa Xiaolin is the Founder, and President of the blog Bo Lian She 博联社 ( He is also the Executive Director of China Foundation for International Studies, the Executive Director of Chinese Academy for Middle East Studies and the Director of the China-Arab Friendship Association. He is Guest Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beijing Languages and Culture University and News Commentator for CCTV and Aljazeera, after being Senior Xinhua Correspondent in Kuwait, Palestine & Iraq.

His main works are Survival Diary on the Land of Palestine & Israel(2001), Through the Frontier from Death to Survival(2002), The Life and Death between Tigris and Euphrates(2004), Arabian Upheaval-In-Depth Observation on Turbulent West Asia and North Africa(2011), China Needs Zen(2012) and Arab Yellow Paper 2013-2014(2014)