Yahia H. ZOUBIR, Professor of International Relations & International Management, Director of Research in Geopolitics, Kedge Business School


Dr. Yahia H. Zoubir is Professor of International Relations and International Management, and Director of Research in Geopolitics at KEDGE Business School, Marseille, France and currently Visiting Professor at PKU. Prior to joining KEDGE in September 2005, he was Managing and Academic Director of the US Campus, Thunderbird Europe, France. He has also been international visiting faculty in numerous universities and business schools for the last 30 years, notably in China (Renmin University, Shanghai Jiatong University, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), the United States, European and Asian countries.


He has published more than a hundred scholarly works, including books, articles, and book chapters in international politics, foreign policy, governance, and security issues. His recent works include, North Africa Politics: Change and Continuity (2016); Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century (2014), “The Eagle’s Nest in the Horn of Africa: US Military Deployment in Djibouti and the Dynamics of its Evolution,” (2016), “Algeria after the Arab Spring,” Foreign Affairs, (February 2016), “China’s Economic Diplomacy towards the Arab Countries: Challenges Ahead?” in the Journal of Contemporary China (2015), and “China’s Response to the Revolts in the Arab World: A Case of Pragmatic Diplomacy,” Mediterranean Politics (2014); “From Hard Military Bases to Soft Military Presence: US Military Deployment in Iraq Reassessed,” Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (in Asia), 2012.


In addition to his publications, Dr. Zoubir attends regularly major international conferences organized by academic institutions and international and regional organizations. His most recent presentations include: “US Policy in the Maghreb” (Shanghai international conference); “Tunisia’s Security: The Democratic Transition’s Achilles Heel,” Denver, Colorado; “Middle Eastern and North African Perceptions of East Asia,” (International Symposium on China-Japan-Korea Relations with the Middle East, Shanghai); “The Tacit Alliance: China and Algeria in the New Era,” (Keynote Speaker, Shanghai); “China-Maghreb Relations,” (Shanghai); “The Changing Nature of North African Terrorism,” NATO Center of Excellence/Defense against Terrorism (CEO-DAT), Ankara, Turkey; “Transnationalism and Transition: The Changing Dynamics of the North African Security Context,” NATO Center of Excellence/Defense against Terrorism; “The Crisis in Northern Mali: Overlapping Agendas,” Al Jazeera Center for Studies, Doha, Qatar). He has also given lectures at universities and military academies, such as NATO College in Rome or the National Defense Academy, Center for Security & Strategic Research, in Riga, Latvia, and at the African Union. In addition, he has presented studies to a number of Chinese Universities and think-tanks.


Dr. Zoubir has served as consultant for governments and companies in China, the United States, Mexico, Iran, as well as in countries in Africa and Europe. He serves on various editorial boards of academic journals both in politics and business (Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies [China], Journal of North African Studies…).


His interviews on a numerous international peace and security issues have appeared in newspapers and magazines, and broadcast in China, the United States, India, and African and European countries.


He is a member of more than ten academic associations, such as the American Institute of Maghreb Studies (AIMS); Association des universitaires algériens pour la promotion des études de sécurité nationale [ASNA], founding member; Association of Third World Studies; International Studies Association; Middle East Studies Association; Society for Algerian Studies (University of London), Chatham House, among others. He is a member of renowned academic and professional networks, such as EuroMeSCo.