Matt Ferchen

Prof. Dr. Matt Ferchen

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University

ferchenFerchen is the first and only full‐time foreign faculty member at this department. He teaches courses on international political economy and area studies, with a focus on Chinese political economy and China‐Latin America economic and political ties. His research interests are in Chinese domestic political economy and the politics of China’s trade and investment relations with Latin America. Ferchen has an MA in international affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a Ph.D. in political science from Cornell University.


  • Whose China Model is it anyway? The contentious search for consensus, London: Taylor & Francis, 2012
  • “China–Latin America Relations: Long-term Boon or Short-term Boom?” in The Chinese Journal of International Politics, Vol. 4, 2011, pp. 55–86