Ma Tianjie

Chublic Opinion writer Ma Tianjie

Ma Tianjie 马天杰, writer behind Chublic Opinion — a blog about public opinion with Chinese characteristics.
Ma Tianjie
Ma Tianjie is the writer behind Chublic Opinion, a blog offering rich and fascinating insights into Chinese public opinion. Ma surveys the turbulent seas of Chinese social media and news, delving below the surface to try and understand who is shaping Chinese public opinion, how and why.
The Shanghai born Ma studied English language and literature at Peking University, where he honed the impressive writing talent he displays today. It was here he became involved with the Vegetarian Society of Peking University, an encounter that led to a career in environmental protection.
Ma began working for Greenpeace upon graduating in 2004 and was eventually elevated to Greenpeace’s Program Director for Mainland China. While at Greenpeace, he was a regular commentator on China’s environmental challenges contributing to a range of media organisations.
Ma holds a Master’s Degree in environmental policy from American University, Washington D.C. and is now Managing Editor in Beijing for bilingual environmental website China Dialogue,an independent organisation dedicated to promoting a common understanding of China’s urgent environmental challenges.
Ma is also a regular guest of the Sinica Podcast.