ThinkINchina was created at the Bridge Café in September 2010 by a small group of young researchers who live and work in China. TIC is a project operated by Beijing Consulting Group.

Beijing Consulting Group provides value-added consulting and business implementation services and on-the-ground support for overseas companies conducting business in China. Founded in Beijing in November 2000, BJCG has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Melbourne.


Since its very beginning TIC was conceived as an informal ‘agora’ for debate on contemporary China. The idea that inspired the birth of TIC was to create a genuine space of reflection, discussion and dialogue about China in the heart of China’s academic crossroad in Wudaokou, Beijing.

We are trying to build a humble and informal channel of communication between the Chinese discourse regarding China and the foreign community of researchers and students who moved to China to study and work. This is a community that comes here but often looks at China through the lens of foreign discourse, a powerful filter that forces it to oscillate from refusal to adoration, with very few moments inspired by genuine understanding.


love for knowledge, without love to learn, is obscured by loose speculations
Confucius: The Analects, Book 18, Ch. 8 “阳货 Yang Huo”

With these thoughts in mind, TIC chooses to listen before speaking: first, TIC listens to Chinese voices through the contribution of knowledgeable local experts who provide our audience with an opportunity for intellectual growth. Then, TIC speaks through the questions and comments of our audience, creating a respectful and fruitful debate inspired by a shared respect for a dialectical exchange of ideas.