Paolo Davide Farah, West Virginia University (USA), gLAWcal (UK) & EPSEI EU Commission Research Project


Professor Paolo Davide Farah (PhD, PhD, LL.M, J.D.) works at West Virginia University (WV, USA) where he teaches climate change, energy and environmental law and policy. Prof. Farah has previously taught public international law, international economic law, international business law, company law and international environmental and energy law in Liverpool, United Kingdom (2012-2014), at University of Milan and Turin in Italy (2003-2011). He is also Principal Investigator of European Commission research funded projects at the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) in Turin (Italy) and Research Scientist and Principal Investigaror of gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom) . His main research and teaching areas of interest are public international law, international economic law and WTO law, European law, Intellectual Property law, Comparative law & Chinese law, climate change, environmental law and energy law. He is an expert in the interaction among trade, economic globalization and non trade concerns, such as sustainable development, energy, environment and human rights with a special focus on China and other Asian countries. In June 2013, he was invited by Routledge Publishing to act as Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Book Series of “Transnational Law and Globalization”. He is also Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Book Series on “International Economic Law, Globalization and Development” of Wolters Kluwer (CEDAM).