Assistant Professor, Shahdid Beheshti National University of Iran


His publications primarily focus on Iran’s stance and position in the Middle East as well as on the international level. One of the last works by Professor Shariatinia “Will China play a role in lessening pressure on Iran?” (2019) sheds light on how the Islamic Republic is relying on China amidst the so called “maximum pressure” campaign from Washington on Tehran.

One poignant interview that underlines Mr. Shariatinia interest on the international posture of Iran “There Are Different Interpretations of Iran’s Role in the Silk Road” (2016), shows how the author is keen to explain the possibilities and prerequisites of how Tehran could actively take part in one of China’s most widely promoted initiatives in the Eurasiatic continent.

Particular attention is posed on the matter of how Iran will manage to maintain his vital space in a tumultuous region and among major partners such as Beijing and Washington.

As a result of his research, the relationship between the Islamic Republic with the United States and China represents one of the main guidelines in his research, which aims at analyzing the developing path in this realm.


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