Monthly Discussion Events

TIC organizes nine monthly academic discussion events during the academic year in China. The TIC events consist of a speech of about 20 minutes and around one hour of Q&A session with the public. After the events TIC invites the speaker to join a convivial event specifically designed to facilitate the familiarization and the informal flow of communication among the members of the community. Please check our past event list to get more information on each individual event we had since 2010.



Academic Workshops

Thanks to the support of its sponsors TIC stepped into universities in Beijing in 2012 and inaugurated a series of roundtables on a various set of topics. The roundtable format is based on the prolonged and animated interaction between a few prominent scholars, based at the guest institution, and the TIC members. A synthesis of the memorandum of conversation is drafted by TIC members and presented to the public on our website.



Community Building

We try to create a community through the TIC events and over social media platforms to discuss issues of contemporary China. TIC designs its events and ideas to create, enlarge and reinforce a community of young, curious and passionate thinkers devoted to the study of the ‘Chinese cultural universe’ . The TIC monthly events are the magnet that animates the community. They attract new members and inspire them with new perspectives, new ideas… and new friends. TIC in fact operates, works and evolves on the basis of a friendly and communitarian spirit, a spirit that inspires both our convivial events and our social networks activities. TIC is an enlightened community that keeps growing through energy and fresh enthusiasm.




After each monthly event we draft reports in English on the conversation which then are published on the TIC media. An analytical article is published in Italian in the monthly electronic journal Orizzonte Cina, published by the Turin World Affairs Institute (TWAI) and the Institute for International Affairs (IAI) in Italy.

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