#52 – Chinese Education Goes Global


event #52, Wednesday, May 11th, 2016


Cecilia Fan, Co-founder and Publisher of China Higher Education.




With 523,000 Chinese studying abroad in 2015, and forecasts of growth to 1 million students going offshore each year, China has been the No.1 source country for international students worldwide for years, and will continue to dominate the landscape for decades to come. A senior sector specialist and an advisor to numerous education institutions across several continents, Cecilia examines and contrasts the Chinese and Western education systems and the factors driving growing demand for international study at the same time as money pours into the Chinese education system. What are the key measures and trends to watch? Is the gap closing or widening? And how is this trend impacting and playing out in each segment, from Pre-school, and K-12, through to VET, non-degree award training, and tertiary education?



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