#43 – Radical Islam and International Security. A Chinese Perspective

event #43, Monday, April 20th, 2015

LiANG Yabin, 梁亚滨, Professor, Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC


“In 1993, Samuel P. Huntington had argued that post Cold War conflicts would most frequently and
violently occur because of cultural rather than ideological differences, and the West should have
abandoned the imposition of its ideals of democratic universalism and its incessant military
interventionism. Of course, he received harsh critics because of this, including those of China.
Twenty years later, we are facing a situation where more and more people would like to link
terrorism to radical Islam, especially in China, because we are currently suffering severe terrorism
attacks.No doubt terrorism has become a main threat in international security. How to understand the rising
up of radical Islam is a key factor we should tackle. Poverty, underdevelopment and hopelessness
should be considered as the main reasons behind this phenomenon. Therefore, we need to
undermine the basis of radical Islam through education, economic development and mutual


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