#77 – Sino-European Relations after the U.S. Elections



CUI Hongjian 崔洪建, Director, Department for European Studies, China Institute of International Studies

Plamen TONCHEV, Head of Asia Unit, Institute of International Economic Relations; European China Policy Fellow, Merics


ThinkINchina is back with a series of online events creating opportunities for dialogues between Chinese and international experts. For the first talk we decided to discuss about the status of Sino-European relations in this very hectic 2020, with a particular focus on the effects of the U.S. elections of last November. Will a Biden administration change Washington’s stance towards China? And how will this affect Beijing’s relations with its European partners? Are we going to see an Atlantic reapprochment? Are we at the final stage of negotiating the new EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment?


Learn this and much more by watching TIC event#77 with professor Cui Hongjian, from CIIS, and professor Plamen Tonchev, from the Institute of International Economic Relations. The dialogue has been recorded on December 4th, 2020, be sure to turn on your VPN since the videos have been uploaded on our YouTube channel.


Cui Hongjian’s presentation about Sino-European relations in 2020 and Beijing’s perspective:



Plamen Tonchev’s presentation on the key areas of cooperation and competition between China and Europe:



Q&A session, focusing on Sino-European cooperation on climate change, expectations after Italy’s 2019 signing of the BRI MoU and how China is perceiving European countries’ projects in the Indo-Pacific region:



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