#71 – AI-typical Courts: How Could Artificial Intelligence Transform China’s Legal System?



Ray CAMPBELL, Professor of Law, Peking University School of Transnational Law

Benjamin LIU, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland




Artificial Intelligence has the power to redefine the way we live. The growing use of AI technologies in entertainment, education, transportation and healthcare is set to have a profound impact on these fields. Most recently, the application of AI technologies in the legal and justice system has raised important ethical questions about the potential benefits and limitations of using AI capabilities in the future.


In June 2018, iFlytek, a leading Chinese Information Technology company, announced a partnership with the high courts of three Chinese provinces. Since then, the use of AI in Chinese law courts has escalated, with the PRC Supreme People’s Court recently issuing an Opinions on Accelerating Building of Smart Courts. Currently, AI robots are used to provide litigation guidance and risk analysis, assisting with tasks such as electronic case submission, trial recording and, in the case of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, act as assistants to the judicial system.


The application of AI technologies in courts could result in increased accuracy, transparency and efficiency during court hearings. However, doubts remain about whether AI technologies can yet meet the complex demands of the legal system. AI robots might, for instance, simply replicate the structural social prejudices of the databases they rely on. Has this been the case in China? How do we weigh up the benefits and limitations of using AI technologies in the legal system? What is the future of AI technologies in Chinese courts?


Join our event #71 for a conversation on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the legal and justice system with Professor Ray Campbell and Professor Benjamin Liu.



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