#13 – The New Security Dynamics in Asia-Pacific: a Chinese Perspective

event #13
December, 13 2011

Prof. Dr. ZHU Feng 朱锋

Speaker Biography

Professor ZHU began his undergraduate studies at the Department of International Politics at Peking University in 1981 and received his PhD. from Peking University in 1991. He is currently a professor at the university’s School of International Studies and Deputy Director of the Center for International & Strategic Studies (CISS).
He writes extensively on regional security in East Asia, the nuclear issue in North Korea, American national security strategy, China-US relations and missile defense. He is a leading Chinese security expert and senior research fellow of the Center for Peace and Development of China.
Prof. ZHU’s books include Ballistic Missile Defense and International Security (Shanghai:Shanghai People’s Press, 2001), International Relations Theory and East Asian Security (Beijing: People’s University Press, 2007), and China’s Ascent: Power, Security, and Future of International politics (co-edited with Prof. Robert S. Ross, Cornell University Press, 2008).

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