#72 – The Middle East in China-US Relations


Juan COLE, Richard P.Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History, University of Michigan

Mohsen SHARIATINIA, Assistant Professor, Shahdid Beheshti National University of Iran

Tugrul KESKIN, Professor and Director, Center for Global Governance, Institute of Global Studies, Shanghai University



In the past years, US activities in the Middle East as the primary security guarantor created an ideal situation for China to focus primarily on its economic development in the region and enabling Chinese investments to flourish. Nonetheless, a recent decrease of political interest as well as energy dependence from the region have brought the United States to rollback their active military presence in the area, causing concerns among Middle Eastern rulers, who seek a new security guarantor if the US were to withdraw.


Considering the scale of the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s increasing presence as a leading power in the Middle East, policy-makers in the region, as well as the international community, will request Beijing to use its influence in order to create long-term stability in the area. In this regard, China could take the lead in a varied range of actions, but this might push Beijing to re-evaluate its neutrality stance on polarized sensitive issues.


Signs of an increased Chinese security presence are already evident, but whether Beijing desires to achieve this goal is still uncertain.


Join our event#72 for a conversation on the current situation of the region and how big powers are involved in its stability.


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