#15 – The Rise of Religion in China

event #15
March, 27 2012

Prof. Dr. LU Yunfeng 卢云峰
Associate Professor of Sociology, Peking University, Center for the Study of Chinese Religion and Society

Speaker Biography

LU Yunfeng is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of Center for the Study of Chinese Religion and Society at Peking University. His academic interest focuses on sociology of religion and social psychology. He is the author of The Transformation of Yiguan Dao in Taiwan: Adapting to a Changing Religious Economy (Lexington Books, 2008). His articles have appeared in The Sociological Quarterly, Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sciences in China and a couple of journals in Chinese.

Dr. LU is a graduate in sociology of Nanjing University (B. A., 1998, M. Phil. 2001) and City University of Hong Kong (Ph.D, 2005). He also serves as a non-resident research fellow of Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion where he spent two years (2005,2006) as a post-doc researcher. Dr. LU has organized a series of conferences to promote social scientific study of religion in China, including Beijing summit on Chinese Spirituality and Society (2008) and a series of workshop on sociology of religion (2009, 2010, 2011). He also acts as guest editors for a couple of journals to organize special issue on Chinese religion.

Dr. LU’s current work is focused on four areas: (a) the governance of religion in China, (b) new religious movements in contemporary China, (c) the role of religion in public sphere, (d) Urbanization and religion. He is currently engaged in research and writing on each of these topics.

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