#07 – Taoguang Yanghui 韬光养晦 or not? China’s discourse on foreign policy strategy

event #07
April, 26 2011

by Zhang Qingmin 张清敏
China’s Foreign Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy Professor, Center for International & Strategic Studies, Beijing University

Speaker Biography

ZHANG Qingmin is Professor with the School of International Studies, Peking University. He previously taught at China Foreign Affairs University, and has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at George Washington University from 2004-2005. He received his Ph.D. From China Foreign Affairs University and his M.A. from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA.
His teaching and research include Chinese Foreign Policy, Diplomatic Studies, Theory of Foreign Policy Analysis, and Sino-U.S. relations. He is the author of U.S. Arms Sales Policy toward Taiwan: a Decision-Making Perspective (2006), China’s Diplomacy (2010), several dozens academic journal articles, and coeditor and contributor to several other books. 

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