#76 – Green Finance in China



WANG Yao 王遥 Director General, International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics




In the last few years, green finance has emerged as a popular topic of discussion among legislators across the world, who seek to innovate the way they tackle environmental issues. Thanks to intense efforts sustained by the government, China has ascended as one of the main players in green finance. President Xi Jinping’s pledge of creating a ‘global ecological civilisation’ has come to embody one of China’s top priorities. Despite the many successes that Beijing has achieved so far, there are several challenges lying ahead.


Join our event#76 with professor Wang Yao, from the International Institute of Green Finance of the Central University of Finance and Economics, her talk will provide an overview of green finance and China’s accomplishments in this given field. The obstacles to a further development of green finance will also be covered, in order to understand what the limitations to the Chinese economic and environmental goals are. Lastly, a projection of the future of green finance will be discussed.




For this event we will be hosted by Tsinghua SEM X-Elerator 清华经管学院-创业者加速器, at the entrance of Innoway Zhongguancun.


Innoway Zhongguancun, Haohai Building 3rd floor, Haidian East Street 36, Haidian, Beijing


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*On the northern entrance of the Haohai building there’s the lift that will take you to the third floor, directly at the X-Elerator.






Our events are as usual for free, we kindly ask you to register in advance in order to help us in the organization of the venue, thanks! Registration will start at 6pm and close at 6.45, seats are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Arriving late won’t guarantee you a seat.


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