#73 – Ethics as Global Sustainability


Sebastiano MAFFETTONE, Professor of Political Philosophy and Dean of the Political Science Department, LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome

WANG Jianbao 王建宝 Director, Center for the Humanities and Business Ethics, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business




The study of “sustainability”, understood not as some form of constraint to the “business as usual” but as an essential feature of any genuine social progress, is both a necessity and a challenge right now. Worldwide, sustainability is described as the relationship between present and future generations: we should leave behind the world as we found it (or maybe even better), therefore it’s fundamental to operate today by thinking as those that will live in the future. Apart from its “time” feature, sustainability should also be described along its “space” feature: the distinction between rich and poor people at present time, how business and political decisions taken by one part of the world are affecting other regions and their populations – – climate change being the hottest topic within this framework right now.


Thanks to the insights of professor Sebastiano Maffettone, a world-wide renowned political philosopher, this event will give a critical reconstruction of the concept of sustainability and will stimulate a discussion on sustainability as an interdisciplinary concern for politics, ethics and economics. The basic thesis of the discussion will be that a systemic view of sustainability – what we have here called “global sustainability” – can be the best way to heal the tension between the world of public ethics and the world of economics and in essence provide the theoretical bases for mediation in the context of a renewed theory of value.


Together with professor Maffettone, dr Wang Jianbao, director of the Center for the Humanities and Business Ethics of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, will help us frame these concepts within China’s economic and social development.


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五道口地铁站B口西南100米 – 原雕刻时光旧址






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