#23 – Looking into the Future: China’s Low Carbon Policies

event #23
February, 26 2013

Dr. ZHANG Ruijie 张瑞杰
Managing Director at Low Carbon City China Programme (LCCC), Beijing

Speaker Biography

ZHANG Ruijie is the Managing Director of Low Carbon City China Program Management Office (LCCC PMO), Secretary-general of Low Carbon Economy Committee and Director of International Cooperation Department, CAPEC. His major roles are to provide professional service to Chinese cities on the way to low carbon and sustainable urbanization, through development of tools and initiatives in sectors of green building, green industry, low carbon transport and low carbon city policy and municipal management, so as to promote low carbon development in Chinese cities.

He has contributed tremendously to advocating clean energy and energy efficiency through introducing supervision and consulting mechanism to the design, manufacturing, erection and operation stages of industrial plants and equipments. He has established an extensive international network of clients and partners around the world, including governments, enterprises, UN organizations, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, and institutions of higher education.

He has made extensive research on issues related to climate change, clean development and low carbon city planning. Prior to joining LCCC PMO, he was the Director of International Business Department, Invest Beijing International, with particular responsibility for matching infrastructure projects with funds. He has been involved in international business for more than 20 years visiting more than 50 countries. He has been involved in negotiating in/out of contracts, in/out of JVs, in/out of manufacturing plants.

He holds an BA degree in English language from Foreign Studies University, and MA degree in International Economics and Trade from Renmin University. He worked as consulting engineer in African and Southeastern countries for more than 10 years and has published extensively on low carbon development, infrastructure financing, global warming, energy efficiency and renewable energy issues.

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