#19 – Mutual Interest? China’s Role in Africa

event #19
October, 11 2012

Prof. Dr. LI Anshan 李安山
School of International Studies, Peking University


Prof. LI critically covered aspects of the development policies of China in Africa, both appraising the achievements that Chinese engagement brought to the continent and also discussed difficulties and anxieties that this engagement produces for people in some Africa countries. A particular focus is on the explanation  of the short-term and long-term goals of the Chinese government and companies in this endeavor.

Speaker Bio

LI Anshan, PhD. Toronto, is vice president of both Chinese Society of African Historical Studies and Chinese  Association of African Studies, Director of Institute of Afro-Asian Studies and Center for African    Studies at Peking University. His publication list includes A History of Chinese Overseas in Africa (Beijing,  2000), British Rule and Rural Protest in Southern Ghana (New York, 2002), Studies on African Nationalism (Beijing, 2004), Social History of Chinese Overseas in Africa: Selected Documents, 1800- 2005 (Hong Kong,  2006), Ancient Kingdoms in Africa (2011). Recent years, he gave speeches on China-African  relations in South Africa, U.K., Japan, Germany, U.S., Canada, Spain, Norway, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, Geneva. His interest covers African history, China-African relations, colonialism, Chinese overseas,  comparative nationalism and development studies. He was invited as distinguished guest at FOCAC– Beijing Ministerial Conference (2000), Sino- African Education Ministers Forum (2005) and FOCAC-Beijing  Summit (2006). In 2010, he led a delegation to Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania with a mission to evaluate the follow-up action of FOCAC. 

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