#33 – reading list

March 25th,  2014

China and the USA: Maritime Issues in East Asia

Supplementary Materials

[1] Assessing the Undersea Balance Between the U.S. and China, Owen R. Cote Jrhttp://web.mit.edu/ssp/publications/working_papers/Undersea%20Balance%20WP11-1.pdf


[2] China’s Naval Nationalism. Sources, Prospects, and the U.S. Response.
pdf IS-Naval Nationalism

[3] The Problem With the Pivot. Obama’s New Asia Policy Is Unnecessary and Counterproductive
Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 2012 vol. 91 n. 6
pdf FA-The Problem with the Pivot

[4] “Military Alliances in East Asia,” in Yan Xuetong and Jin Dexiang, eds. Peace and Security in East Asia (Beijing: Shishi Press, 2005)

[5] “International Relations Theory and Sino-Japan Historical Problem,” Taipingyang Xuebao (The Pacific Journal), No. 3, 2003

[6] “Power and Ideas: the Rise and Fall of the ‘Revisionist’ View on Japan in the United States.” Meiguo Yanjiu (American Studies Quarterly), Vol. 16, No. 1 (Spring 2002).



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