TIC Workshop, Mediterranean and China

Re-thinking 南欧西亚北非
European views on the Mediterranean region and China


The proposed roundtable aims at re-focusing the ongoing conversation on the security dynamics characterizing the West Asia-Northern Africa region. By proposing a more holistic approach to the Mediterranean space, analyzed through the relations connecting its northern and southern shores, it widens the focus to include economic interdependence and migration trends. While China’s economic and political footprint in the region is far from having reached its full maturity, its impact is already perceived by actors in the region, and it is strategic in nature. The roundtable will offer European and regional viewpoints on China’s growing role in one of the pivotal geopolitical and geoeconomic spaces in the world. The innovative dimension of this academic initiative is further underlined by the composition of the panel, which includes both scholars and practitioners from the diplomatic communities of several of the countries concerned.


Center for European Studies (PKU), Turin World Affairs Institute (Twai), ThinkIN China (TIC)

Timing and structure:

the workshop-roundtable will be held on Nov. 18th in the afternoon (2-6 pm)
Location: 北京大学历史系 – 人文学苑5号楼, B117,时间为11月18日下午2时至6时




2 pm – 2.30 pm Introduction by Prof. Li Qiang and Prof. Fardella2.30 – 4 pm: 1st session chaired by Prof. Li Qiang

DISCUSSION (30 mins)

4 – 4.15 pm coffee break
4.30 – 5.45: Second session chaired by Prof Fardella

DISCUSSION (30 mins)

5.45 – 6 pm Conclusion


Dr. Davide Giglio (Italian Embassy)
Prof. Giovanni Andornino (15 mins)
Dr Niu Xinchun (CICIR) (15 mins)
Prof. WU Bingbing (PKU) (15 mins)