Weekly News – May 15-21, 2021


Putin, Xi launch nuclear power projects in show of warming ties


During a videoconference on Wednesday, China and Russia announced the start of the construction of Russia-designed reactors at China’s Tianwen and Xudapu nuclear power plants – this is part of a US$2.9 billion nuclear energy deal signed in 2018.

Both nations have decided to deepen their cooperation on nuclear energy as a sign of their commitment to combat climate change. President Xi Jingping highlighted that energy has always been an important cooperation area for the two countries, specifically nuclear power is a “strategic priority”. Moreover, China is trying to accelerate its nuclear development to reduce reliance on coal and rach the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.

Sources: the Diplomat, SCMP



Chinese mission “Tianwen-1” successfully released the rover Zhurong on Mars


The mission marks a new record for Chinese space exploration, making the Asian giant the second nation able to successfully land a rover on Mars’ soil.

Dean Cheng, a Chinese political and military affairs research fellow at the Washington-based think tank The Heritage Foundation, said that “Saturday’s success would demonstrate that China can contribute to the global pool of human knowledge”.

Sources: the Economist, BBC



In Shaoxing, young winemakers attempt to revive China’s original spirit


A centuries-old product, Shaoxing wine dates back over 2.500 years. It became a popular drink across China during the late Qing dynasty (1636-1911). Once a luxury drink, Shaoxing rice wine has fallen out of favor with the Chinese public. Promoting rice wine abroad is easier than at home because negative stereotypes hobble its growth within China.

For rice winemakers like Zhang and Wu, they are hoping to restore a portion of that former luster. Shaoxing officials are also vigorously incentivising the revilitazion of its prized drink.

Source: Supchina



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