Weekly News – April 24-30, 2021


The first section of China’s Tiangong space station has been successfully launched into orbit

The “Heavenly Palace”, launched from the southern island of Hainan, will be reached by three astronauts and some cargo in the next weeks, it should be fully deployed at the end of next year.

Many hope that the new developments of the Chinese space program could strengthen cooperation between different nations in new research projects, but it’s unlikely any degree of exchange with the U.S. as Congress banned any state-funded space program from cooperating with Chinese space missions.

Sources: CNN, SCMP


China plays an important role in Asian and global economic recovery.

Helge Berger, IMF Head of China Affairs, said that in view of China’s weight in the global economy and the spillover effect of its recovery, China plays an important role in the recovery of Asian and global economies.

The IMF forecast: China’s economic growth this year is expected to be 8.4%, mainly based on the improvement of export prospects.

The “secret of success”: decisive timely action to contain the epidemic, introduction of many measures to reduce the impact of the crisis on the economy, macroeconomic policies to support the recovery.

Source: Xinhua (in Chinese)


General Secretary’s trip to Guanxi explained.

President Xi’s tour to Guangxi autonomous region lasted three days, with many visits and inspections. The key highlights:

  • the imperative need to shift from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization (乡村振兴 xiāngcūn zhènxīng)
  • the focus on boosting high-quality life, ecological protection, reform and innovation
  • the relevance of ethnic culture for the realization of the “Chinese Dream”
  • the role of the past for the present New Long March, toward the realization of the “two centenary goals” (两个一百年 liǎng gè yībǎi nián).

Source: Xinhua (in Chinese).