#29 – reading list

October, 15th 2013

Rich and Poor. China’s unfinished economic transformation

Supplementary Materials

Asian Tiger or Fragile Dragon? Understanding China’s Development Model
Fubing Su, Ran Tao download pdf
Decentralization, Inequality and PovertyRelief in China
Ming Li, Ran Tao, Dali Yang download pdf

Land Taking and Electoral Rule Setting: Evidence from Chinese Rural Democracy
Ran Tao download pdf

Rethinking the Institutional Foundations of China’s Hyper Growth: Official Incentives, Institutional Constraints, and Local Developmentalism
Fubing Su, Ran Tao, and Dali L. Yang download pdf

State Fragmentation and Rights Contestation: Rural Land Development Rights in China
Fubing Su, Ran Tao, Hui Wang download pdf

Reviving China’s Growth: A Roadmap for Reform
Su Fubing, Tao Ran download pdf

China: Land Policy Reform for Rural-Urban Integration and Sustainable Urbanization
Ran Tao download pdf