Board of Advisors

The TIC Advisors are sympathizers for our community role and supporters of the services that TIC offers to Chinese and foreign researchers. The Board of Advisors is open to all the TIC Speakers who are interested in offering their guidance on our projects and our broader strategic initiative.


We thank our Advisors for their continued support:

Enrico FARDELLA | Matthias NIEDENFÜHR | TU Weiming | LEI Yi | Klaus LEISINGER | Giovanni ANDORNINO | XIE Tao |



Dr. Enrico Fardella is Tenured Associate Professor at the History Department of Peking University (PKU), Executive Director of PKU’s Center for Mediterranean Area Studies (CMAS) and in this capacity he cooperates with Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai) as director of the ChinaMed Project and the ChinaMed Business Program. He is the founder and senior advisor of ThinkIN China forum.




Dr. Matthias Niedenführ is Assistant Professor in Chinese Studies at the University of Tübingen and Vice Director of the China Centrum Tübingen. He is the founder and senior advisor of ThinkIN China forum.




 tuweimingTU Weiming

From 1966 to 1967, prof. Tu Weiming was a Lecturer in the Humanities at Tunghai University and from 1968 to 1971 Assistant Professor in East Asian Studies at Princeton University. From 1971 until 1981 he was Professor of History and UC Berkeley, returning in 1981 to Harvard for becoming Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy. In 1999 he was honored as the Harvard-Yenching Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy and of Confucian Studies, a post he held until 2010. Often described as a “New Confucianist”, he has worked on promoting dialogue among civilizations and presenting Confucian humanism as a complementary ideology to Western Enlightenment thinking. In 2008 he became the founding Dean of the Institute for Advanced Humanities Studies (IHAS) and in 2012 the director of the World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB).




Prof. Lei Yi is an historian of late-Qing and modern China. He joined the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1985, where he pursues his research into modern Chinese intellectual history. He has been nominated as one of ‘China’s Most Interesting People’ (Southern Weekly) and “key intellectual” (China Story Yearbook) in China.





Professor of Sociology at the University of Basel,
President of the Global Values Alliance

Klaus M. Leisinger is a social scientist and economist at the University of Basel. His professional career took him for several years to East Africa as CEO of the former Ciba Pharmaceuticals regional office and he was Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Novartis Foundation until 2013. He is engaged in corporate responsibility issues and actively promotes a corporate culture of dialogue with stakeholders in international policy, development cooperation and business ethics. He held numerous advisory positions in organizations such as the UN Global Compact, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the World Bank, the World Economic Forum (Global Agenda on Human Rights) and the Karl Schlecht Foundation.



AndorninoGiovanni ANDORNINO

Dr. Giovanni Andornino is Assistant Professor of International Relations of East Asia at the University of Torino and Vice President of the Torino World Affairs Institute, where he’s Head of the “Global China” program







Dr. Xie Tao is Professor of political science at Beijing Foreign Studies University. His research interests include U.S. Congress, public opinion, Sino-american relations, and Chinese foreign policy. He is a frequent guest at BBC World News TV, China Radio International, and writes regular columns on American politics and international affairs for a Chinese newspaper, Economic Observer.