Academic Workshops


Universities and Research Institutes in Beijing

In 2012 TIC started to step into universities in Beijing and inaugurated a series of roundtables on a various set of topics. The roundtable format is based on the prolonged and animated interaction between a few prominent scholars, based at the guest institution, and the TIC members.



The ThinkIn China academic workshops in the past included the following topics:

  • Dec. 6, 2012, Peking University: “The European View of the China Model”
  • Nov. 26, 2012, Peking University: “A Decade of Strategic Partnership: Contending Logics for EU-China Relations”
  • Sep. 17, 2012, Peking University: “Global Governance”
  • September 26, 2013, EURAXESS Science Slam


  • INTalks #1: Contemporary Challenges to Sino-Japanese Relations
    Monday, 17th October 2016   Speakers   Professor Janet Xuanli Liao, Senior Lecturer in Energy and Climate Diplomacy at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP), University of Dundee. Professor He Yafei, a senior Chinese diplomat and currently Professor at the Benching Academy   ThinkIN China, in partnership with the Yenching […]
  • TIC in Hangzhou – April 18th, 2015
    The Dragon Looks west: China, Italy and the Mediterranean Governance in the New Era Speaker Sun Degang 孙德刚, Professor and Deputy Director of the Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University   Venue 初心咖啡 Back Coffee 杭州市西湖区绿阳路6号 Xihu District, Lùyang Rd 6, Hangzhou  
  • TIC Workshop, Mediterranean and China
    Re-thinking 南欧西亚北非 European views on the Mediterranean region and China Abstract: The proposed roundtable aims at re-focusing the ongoing conversation on the security dynamics characterizing the West Asia-Northern Africa region. By proposing a more holistic approach to the Mediterranean space, analyzed through the relations connecting its northern and southern shores, it widens the focus to […]